Featured Artists In Residence


Karsten Krejcarek

Featured Regional Artist in Residence

Krejcarek’s new project, titled (However) the Owner of the Living (Death) May Pierce (an Abscess) and Spread Ruin, Babalú-Ayé, is a two-channel, experimental narrative revolving around the folklore of the Afro-Cuban syncretic religion, Santería. The video follows the fictional character, Mitch Dávidell — a traveling oracle who becomes ill after being impaled in the chest with an infected hypodermic needle. Seeking the power of the orisha, Babalú-Ayé, a cast of curious characters, including the syncretized Saint Lazarus, roam through a story of harrowing malady, attempted spiritual healing, allegoric discovery and incorporeal transformation. The year-in the-making project was filmed in Buffalo, Denmark, Cuba and Bolivia during 2016. Learn more about Karsten.

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Vanessa Albury

Featured Regional Artist in Residence

Curator and writer Vanessa Albury will be joining us as CEPA’s visiting artist in residence for the summer of 2015. In addition to working on one of her recent projects, she’ll be spending time engaging with the local arts community, which will include a special set of workshops centered on artist development, as well as an all girl teen summer camp focusing on being a woman in the arts.

Vanessa Albury is a Brooklyn-based artist and Nashville, TN native who received her MFA in Studio Art from New York University’s Steinhardt School. She uses analog materials to discuss ephemerality and invites spontaneous occurrences in everyday moments as a means to access the sublime. Learn more about Vanessa.

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CEPA Gallery 2014 regional artist in residence Michael Brown

Michael Brown

Featured Regional Artist in Residence

Michael Brown was CEPA’s 2014 Cultural Exchange Artist in Residence. Michael Brown was photographer, and arts image consultant to the Arts Council of Ireland from 2001-2011. During his tenure, he toured Ireland annually collecting unique, candid images of arts events for the council’s image bank. Michael’s charge was to feature performances that displayed the most artistic integrity, and the Arts Council gave him free reign to choose which performances to cover, due to his knowledge of the arts in Ireland — a precedent to that point.

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CEPA Gallery Artist Residencies - Lee Walton, Featured Artist In Residence

Lee Walton

Featured National Artist in Residence

Walton’s original career goal was to play centerfield for the San Francisco Giants. His more conservative back-up plan was to become a contemporary artist.

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Mariam Ghani

Featured National Artist in Residence

Mariam Ghani is an artist, filmmaker, writer and teacher based in Brooklyn who operates at the intersections between place, memory, history, language, loss, and reconstruction.

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CEPA Gallery Artist Residencies - Mariam Ghani, Featured Artist in Residence

CEPA Gallery Artist Residencies - Tissue Culture and Art Project, Featured Artist in Residence

Tissue Culture & Art Project

Featured International Artist in Residence

The Tissue Culture & Art Project (TC&A) explored the use of tissue technologies as a medium for artistic expression, investigating our relationships with the different gradients of life.

More about Tissue Culture & Art Project

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