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CEPA has had the privilege of working with a number of Buffalo charter schools, including:

CEPA and Tapestry Charter School

CEPA is also honored to have an ongoing partnership with Tapestry Charter School, working with students on a variety of intensive one-week art programs. Tapestry students visit CEPA to learn how to use a darkroom and graphic design skills in our digital photo lab, as well as tour the Gallery’s exhibits and meet with our teaching artists and artists in residence.

Featured CEPA Buffalo Charter School Student: Danni Jo Bechtold

15-year-old Danni Jo Bechtold was born and raised in rural Montana. Upon moving to Buffalo with her father and two ridiculous dogs in November 2012, she spent a year attending Tapestry Charter High School before returning to Montana in August 2013. After finishing high school, she plans on attending a university in Europe where she will double major in English and World Religion. After college, she hopes to join the Teachers Without Borders Program and work on her first novel. She hopes to write and take pictures for the rest of her life—that’s what she was built to do.

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“CEPA was a place for me to breathe and be myself. I found a community of people that I connected with who provided a space for me to learn and create. I loved meeting new people and sharing with other artists. CEPA provided me a place to learn about the photography world and help me realize that this is a passion that could last a lifetime. And I’m so grateful.”

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Bring CEPA to Your Buffalo Charter School

To work with CEPA and bring arts education into your Buffalo charter school, contact our Education Director Lauren Tent:

Together, we can put together a customized arts education program that suits the needs of your students and your school’s budget.

About Buffalo Charter Schools

Buffalo charter schools are are independently operated public schools chartered by the state Education Department, paid for by state aid as well as by private sources, and obligated to meet all of the state’s educational requirements. Charters are run by their own independent boards of trustees and not by the publicly elected school board, so they have more flexibility in lengthening each school day, adding more days of teaching each year, selecting and assigning teachers and staff, and tailoring their programs to student needs.

About 16 Buffalo charter schools are currently in operation in the Buffalo Niagara region.

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