CEPA in Buffalo Public Schools

CEPA Gallery Arts Education - Buffalo Public Schools

CEPA is honored to have a long-standing partnership with Buffalo Public Schools.

Working with teachers throughout the district, CEPA’s exciting art projects educate students of all ages and abilities about the arts, as well as engaging them with their community and their world.

Teachers also participate in the CEPA programs, creating and displaying their own photographs to generate excitement and discussion among the entire school community.

Some examples of our unique programs

In addition to some of our signature programs like Mapping Community, here are just a few of the many customized programs we have created in schools throughout Buffalo including our school-wide partner Highgate Heights Elementary.

Programs can be tailored to any grade level and curriculum.

  • CEPA Gallery Art Programs in Schools - Buffalo Public Schools

    Bring CEPA to Your Buffalo Public School

    If you’re interested in bringing arts education to your students in your Buffalo Public School, contact CEPA’s Education Director Lauren Tent:

    Together, we can put together a customized arts education program that suits the needs of your students and your school’s budget.

    CEPA Gallery Arts Education - Buffalo Public Schools

    About Buffalo Public Schools

    The Buffalo School District is regarded as one of the premiere urban school systems in New York State. Serving 34,000 students in nearly 60 facilities, the district strives to bring exemplary teaching practices and unparalleled opportunities to its diverse student population.

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