Field Trips to CEPA

CEPA provides free tours of our galleries for school and community groups. If you can stay for awhile, take one or all of our workshops for a small fee.

Students visiting CEPA will see a variety of photographic art. Often the images are challenging in a way that stretches the mind.

One of our goals in introducing students to looking at photography, is to promote the concept of interpretation. Everyone has their own unique reaction to and interpretation of a work of art. This experience opens minds and leads to an understanding and acceptance of different points of view.

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CEPA Gallery Arts Education - Field Trips to CEPA

Field Trip with Workshop

Bring your students to see our exhibits and spend a half or whole day with us experimenting with light! Large groups (20+) can be divided up and rotated through the different workshops shown below. Price depends on number of students.

Pinhole Photography
Students will make pinhole cameras out of paint cans or shoe boxes and take photos using photographic paper.

Students will place objects onto photographic paper, expose them to light, and then use photo chemistry to develop the print, magically revealing the image!

Light Painting
Using long exposures, students can literally write or paint with light, using flashlights, glow sticks or phones.

Multiple Exposures
Using a flash or strobe light, students will move while using flash to create multiple images.

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