Young Perspectives: An Introduction to Photography

CEPA’s introductory program to the art of photography, Young Perspectives helps students learn how to express themselves in a new way, and they discover that what they have to say is important—whether it’s said using words or images.

CEPA Gallery Community Arts Program - Young Perspectives

Participating students are encouraged to share their ideas and interpretations of historic and contemporary photography while learning the essential elements of art—composition, line, balance, texture, perspective, shape, form, space, rhythm and contrast. Even though these concepts are often new, students think about them and how they transfer to other areas of learning as they capture their world using black-and-white film cameras, digital cameras, and pinhole cameras.

Students then learn how chemistry works to develop photographs as they watch their images come to life in CEPA’s darkroom. They also learn to manipulate and change the appearance and meaning of their photographs using digital graphic design techniques in CEPA’s digital photo lab, and how to write artist statements and creative reflections to further explore their ideas and visual interpretations.

As they visit sites throughout Buffalo with their cameras, students learn more about photography, their city and environment, and each person’s unique perspective of the world.

For ages 8 to 12

The Teaching Artists of CEPA

CEPA is privileged to have an incredible group of teaching artists that work with our staff and students through our Arts Education programs. Bringing their passion for teaching, a wealth of knowledge and experience, and true creativity and vision, these artists embrace the notion that creativity is inherent—and that learning is a lifelong endeavor.

Meet CEPA’s Teaching Artists
CEPA Gallery After School Programs - Young Perspectives: An Introduction to Photography

How to Enroll in CEPA’s After School Programs

To enroll your student in Young Perspectives, or to bring any of our after school programs to your community, contact CEPA’s Education Director Lauren Tent:

Together, we can put together a customized after school program that suits the needs of your students and your budget.

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