Autism Services: The Art of Photography

CEPA Gallery Community Arts Program - Autism Services

CEPA works with Autism Services, Inc. to develop classes that empower people by tapping into their natural artistic abilities.

During a four-week program, students from Autism Services visit CEPA to learn about the art of photography. After looking at images and discussing the elements of art, they use digital cameras to explore their environment with those elements in mind. Once their photographs are taken, they learn basic graphic design techniques in our digital photo lab to creatively manipulate their images.

Students also get an introduction to our darkroom with photograms. By placing objects onto photographic paper, exposing them to light, and then using photo chemistry, the print develops to magically reveal the image!

CEPA Gallery Special Needs Art Programs - Autism Services, Inc.

About Autism Services, Inc.

From humble beginnings 30 years ago which began with a 12-month education program, Autism Services has grown into an agency with three locations, offering a plethora of educational and quality-of-life programs.

Once students graduate, they make a seamless transition to adult programs where they continue to learn such basics as self-care, employment, and community integration—the ultimate goal of the organization.

The programs at Autism Services are not designed to cure autism, but to help people with autism learn to function in a society that was never tailored to their needs. They approach autism as a culture that has much to contribute. With this at the heart of their philosophy, they are a platform for our artists, writers, poets and musical performers to express themselves to their communities.

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