BUFFALO SPREE and The PUBLIC applaud CEPA’s current exhibit Fast, Cheap & Easy: The Copy Art Revolution

Fast, Cheap & Easy: The Copy Art Revolution is the much anticipated exhibit celebrating the copy machine as an art-making tool. It is an international survey featuring over 100 artists from the 1960s to the present who have explored the neglected and underserved role of the copy machine as a quick, affordable, and innovative method to express their ideas and to inexpensively produce and circulate them to a larger audience.

Local publications, Buffalo Spree and The Public, both wrote insightful and complimentary reviews on the exhibit. Articles can be found on the publications’ websites, see links to publications below.<br?>

Many of the artworks in this show are not immediately recognizable as involving xerography—they resemble traditional drawings and prints—but the sheer helter-skelter variety throughout the exhibition reinforces its pluralistic mission. Copy art is, and was, for everyone. And anyone reading this who has access to a machine should look beyond its bland gray functionality to the creative possibilities it still holds, even in a digital age.   – Elizabeth Licata, Buffalo Spree

If the great technocratic dream embodied in the copier was to flatten the world, to make it more predictable, to make it the same everywhere, then the accomplishment of artists who took up the copier as their tool, was to show that, notwithstanding its power, the dream was ultimately unrealizable. Indeed, the machine by which the dream was to be accomplished could be taken apart, misused and presented in the guise of its nightmarish double, or occasionally as something wonderfully unlike it.  – Shane Meyer, The Public 


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