Lee Walton & CEPA’s ‘Art of Sport’ Exhibition featured in ARTnews

Few would argue that sports conjure images of disheveled artists quietly excogitating over a package of nachos and a cup of ice cold beer. Then again, sports are no stranger to some of the most important artists of the last century. From Hemmingway’s romantic vision of bullfighting, to Collier Schorrs moody and pensive portraits of wrestlers, to football’s influence on Matthew Barney’s wild and surreal body of work.

CEPA’s ‘ART OF SPORT’ exhibition in 2013 brilliantly illustrated the musings of artists as they deconstructed, decoded, and otherwise reexamined the idea of ‘sport’. Check out ARTnews recent article as they celebrate America’s pastime and talk about Lee Walton’s performance at CEPA gallery.

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