CSA Frequently Asked Questions

What will I receive when I purchase a CSA share?

You will receive 8 artworks, one each from the 8 artists in the collection. Some artworks may be unique works (a drawing or painting); some may be digital prints from an edition of 50 plus 10 Artist Proofs. Each work will be produced on 11 x 14-inch archival paper, and the collection will be packaged in a single box (11½ x 15½ x 3 inches).

Will the CSA artworks come framed?

No. The 8 artworks (each on 11 x 14-inch archival paper) will be packaged in a special box for pick-up (or shipping). Included in your package will be a coupon for a special discount from our generous CSA partner, Avenue Art & Frame.

May I split a CSA share with a friend?

Yes! You may split a share with a friend or group of friends – but you have to hash out who gets what. Each share purchase can only be made from a single buyer.

May I purchase a CSA share as a gift?

Yes! That’s very nice of you.

How many CSA shares are available for purchase?

50. Season One of the CEPA CSA will be produced as a limited edition of 50 (plus 10 Artist Proofs which will be distributed to the CSA artists and our producing sponsors).

What does limited edition mean, in this case?

Though the pieces each artist makes may be variations on a theme, and therefore appear similar to other work, they are unique and exclusive to this CSA. They have never been sold before and won’t be sold again, and each artist will create no more than 50 pieces (+ 10 Artist Proofs). Each piece will be signed, dated and numbered by the artists.

What is the artwork going to look like?

We don’t know. Well, we don’t know exactly what they will look like. The artists have given us their project summaries—what they think they’re going to make—and examples of their past work. We’re all on a journey together to find out how this will turn out. The element of surprise is integral to the CSA. As with CSA farm shares, you have no idea what you are going to be receiving until you pick it up. Some artists may create a single edition of work for shareholders, resulting in largely identical art for each shareholder. Others may make individual, unique pieces for every shareholder. Still others may choose the CSA to experiment stylistically, challenging themselves and giving you the first peek at their latest creative evolution.

What if I don’t care for the artwork in my CSA share?

Unfortunately, this is a possibility. While all of the artists were carefully selected based on the exceptional quality of their work, art is, of course, subjective. We hope you’ll find a good home for all of the work—either with you or as a gift for someone else—but even if you don’t love everything, we hope you’ll enjoy the process. We can’t guarantee you won’t get “too much kale” in your pick-up, but we can assure you that you will receive eight pieces of real art, industriously and lovingly made just for you, plus a rich experience, and the feeling of being a part of something bigger than any one of us.

Can I return artwork in my CSA share?

No. All sales are final from the time you purchase the collection. Thank you for investing in the creative freedom of local artists.

Can I purchase additional artwork directly from the CSA artists?

Yes, but not through CEPA Gallery. Our CSA shares are a package deal; you get 8 artworks, one from each of the 8 artists. We do hope this program will introduce you to artists you didn’t know before and that you’ll be so happy with the work that you’ll want to continue to support them. Look at their websites. Meet them at the CSA Pick-Up Party & Exhibition. Ask them if you can visit their studios. Attend their future exhibitions.

Who will benefit from the CEPA CSA program?

All of us! The artists will receive a commission to create their artwork. CEPA Gallery will raise funds to support its arts education and visual arts programming. CSA Shareholders will be the lucky recipients and generous supporters of high quality, original artwork. And the entire arts ecology of Western New York will benefit as the CEPA CSA program continues to grow and prosper, season after season.

What is the goal of the CEPA CSA?

To work toward a new fundraiser model that supports artists. The artists have creative control over what kind of work they want to produce for the CSA (be it 50 original paintings or drawings, or a limited edition of 50 digital prints). All of us at CEPA appreciate the artists’ generosity—particularly the inaugural artists who are helping to launch this new program—and we will be actively working to promote the careers of our CSA artists in a variety of formats and venues.

How were the CSA artists selected?

The staff and board of CEPA Gallery have been researching and planning this event for a few years. Beginning with a list of around 75 Western New York artists, the staff began discussions on the best combinations of artists to make the CSA program sustainable and well-rounded for many seasons to come.

This FAQ may be updated with questions as we receive them. If you don’t see your question here, please e-mail david@cepagallery.org.

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