Kathleen Corff Rogers

I loved my Crayola 64s and my “Water Colour Paint Box, Made in England” with 108 rich squares of color. This is where it all began. Which is pretty interesting when you look at my photographs today.

I grew up in Philadelphia where my mother, a fine artist, took me to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. My earliest memory is liking how the colors look next to each other. I always loved my school art classes, arts & crafts at camp, and summer workshops. I attended Carnegie Mellon University in the Humanities program and once there discovered Graphic Design. In that challenging program, one professor, Mr. Goldman, provided the most valuable advice: to look at every design project and its elements upside down, backwards, inside out…from every angle you can to discover the correct solution. Even today, this is how I approach my design and art.

After college I developed a freelance graphic design business in Atlanta, which I continued upon moving to Buffalo. My career has always proved challenging and interesting. The client experience was enhanced when I had the opportunity to pull together a team of copywriters, photographers or illustrators.

With time and opportunity came the challenge of finding new ways to express myself artistically. I discovered through traveling that I truly enjoyed photography by capturing graphic images with my point-and-shoot camera or my iPhone. Gratifying images that could then be enlarged, cropped, finessed. The people that enjoy my art have said that they appreciate seeing what I find, knowing they would never have noticed it. I have turned rust, rock, peeling paint and detritus into beautiful images…abstract impressionism with painterly qualities. I continue to search for the un-noticed…to entice the eye and challenge emotions.

A few years ago I was asked to join an ‘artist collective’ which is now known as Group263. This is a multi-disciplinary group of artists working to stimulate discussion, stretch boundaries and allow for an ever-expanding exchange of ideas.

One of my proudest moments, of late, is that two of my photographs were recently chosen for installation in the Hotel Henry in Buffalo NY. Twelve prints of each are hanging within 24 guest rooms. I have participated locally in 15 exhibits and recently brought my work to 8 x 4 feet. Seeing this vision for my work reach fruition was extremely exciting and rewarding.

Photo: Kathy Rogers, standing next to her work, A Thousand Hands, Digital Photography, 40″ x 40″

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