A wonderfully diverse group show opens at CEPA Gallery.

April 6 saw the opening reception for four wonderfully diverse exhibitions, attended by artists Insoon Ha, Tatana Kellner, Martin Kruck, and Adriane Little.

Each artist occupied one of CEPA’s four gallery spaces, allowing the work to be taken and interpreted as individual solo efforts while still allowing the artistic practice and themes of each to dialogue.

The four exhibits included:

  • Insoon Ha, Face
  • Tantana Kellner, (Un)natural Occurrences
  • Martin Kruck, Habitorium
  • Adriane Little, Housekeeping and A Very Easy Death

Additionally, the Focus Gallery featured Landscape Girls and The Worst Words, a debut exhibit by one of our featured CEPA students, Danni Jo Bechtold.

Visit the Exhibits & Events announcements for more information on each of these shows, which will remain open through May 9.

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