Exhibitions: Creative Perspectives in Photography—curated by Barbara Kruger; Aaron Siskind, Caldecot Chubb, Nancy Rexroth, William Eggleston, Marcia Hafif, Walker Evans, Andre Kertesz, Dorothea Lange, Robert Adams, Lewis Baltz, Wright Morris, Ed Ruscha, William Christen Berry, Alma Lavenson • Lifesaving and Water Saftey—Ann Fessler • David Henry • Traditional Pow Wow Dancer—Jeffery Thomas • History of the American Twentieth Century—Ilene Segalove • Action Landscapes—Scott Rucker • Basic Meaning—Phil Galgiani • Ballet Series/Interiors—Laurie Simmons • Instant Design/Predetermined Values—Jayce Salloum • Lynette Hamister • Obsession—Vikky Alexander • Mary Ahrendt • Light Pushes—Vahe Guzeliman • Ward Hopper • Men in Media— curated by Carol Squiers • An Inch Away—Nan Goldin • Strip pictures—Frank Duffy • ADSVMVS-ABSVMVS—Hollis Frampton • Art Rogers • Richard Petry • The Trouble with Water—Barbara Broughel • Jim Pomeroy • Open Space Exhibition—Rafeal Goldchain, K.C. Kratt, Melanie Macleannan, Murry Pomerance • Open Space Exhibition—Frank Duffy, Lynette Hamister, Jim Jipson, Mike Morgan, Beverly Nichols • Open Space Exhibition—Hank Dimuzio, Ron Giebert, Nancy Golden, Pat Hayes, Chris Hill, Joan Posluszny, Barbara White • Open Space Exhibition—Sheila Barcik, Barbara Lattanzi, Kirk Mohn, Kathy O’Niel, Timothy Reilly, Samuel Vacanti • Joel Peter Witkin
• Brian Weil • Other People—Patt Blue • Diane Blell • Caves—Eldon Garnet • The Four Seasons & The Greek Myths—Don Rodan

Satellite Exhibitions: Charles Steckler @ SUNYAB Center for Tomorrow • H. Phelps Clawson @ Center Theater

Bus Shows: Life, Still—Diane Bertolo • Straight to You—Barbara White • Cooking Tip from the Mystery Chef—Patty Wallace • David Troy • Surveillance—Brian Benedict • In the Absence of Heroes—Jayce Salloum • Strip Pictures—Frank Duffy • …which connects—Paul Szp

Visiting Artists: Manual • Michael Dlein • Abigail Solomon Godeau • Hollis Frampton; Nathan Lyons • Marx A Hrendt • Marvin Heiferman • Ann Fessler • Barbara Kruger • Carol Squires • Jim Welling • Phil Galgiani • Art Rogers • Lynn Zelavanski • Laurie Simmons • Richard Petry • Art Spiegelman • Francoise Mouly • Patt Blue • Jim Pomeroy • Eldon Garnet • Diane Blell

Artist Publications: Basic Meaning—Phil Galgiani • Simple Conjunctions—Phil Galgiani • In And Around The House—Laurie Simmons

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