Exhibitions: Geno Rodriguez • Vestigial Remains—Sigrid Casey • Altars Of Earth—Smith Dudley • Not After The Fact—Kaspar Thomas Linder • Photoworks—Robert C. Morgan • Fariba Hajamadi • “Enthusiasm”—Barbara Lattanzi • Riding First Class on the Titanic—Nathan Lyons • Vision of Strength & Coming into Power—Shan Goshorn • Untitled Still Lifes—Laurie Neaman • Sexual Difference: Both Sides Of The Camera—Guest Curated by Abigail Solomon-Godeau; Richard Baim, Sarah Charlesworth, Imogene Cunningham, Dorit Cypis, Connie Hatch, Peter Hujar, Louis Lawler, Sherry Milner, Diane Neumeier??, Richard Prince, Jo Spence, Baron Von Golden, Francesca Woodman • Assimilation/Isolation—Curated by Anita Douthat; Michael Ach, Miguel Gandert, Carol Guzy, Hanh Thi Pham, Edgar Heap of Birds, Kayoko Shibata-Medlin, Ki Ho Park, Meridel Rubenstein, Richard ray, Judith Sedgwick, Kaz Tsuchikawa, Richard Turner, Mihoko Yamagata • Ripple Of Thunder! – The History Of Black Motorcyclists In America— Collette Fournier & Adolph Dupree • Tableau Morte—Gwen Akin & Allan Ludwig

Satellite Exhibitions: A Whiter Shade of Pale—Patty Wallace @ Campos • New Work—Daniel Calleri @ SUNYAB Center for Tomorrow • The Pleasures of Childhood—Clarissa Sligh @ Artists Gallery • Untitled—Fern Logan @ Artists Gallery • Selections—Christopher Nickard @ Greater Buffalo Chamber of Commerce • New Work—Thomas Payne @ SUNYAB Center for Tomorrow • New Work—Madonna Dunbar @ Campos • Portrait of Buffalo II Artists in Residence—Peter Jemison, Richard Ray, Fern Logan, Sophie Rivera • Ken Welgoss @ Campos • Anne Barnard @ Campos

Bus Shows: Landmarks Series—Peter Iverson • Supermom Comic Part II—Mary Ellen Matisse • Experimental Photography…The Extinction Of The Guinea Pig—Kristin Reed •Scenes of the Crime—Christopher Nickard (Subway Stations) • Socialeyezation—Frank Luterek • Personal Effects—Lynette Hamister • Power, Fear and Beauty—Biff Henrich (Subway Stations) • What’s the Point—Meredith Allen • Synthesis of Form—Alice Wojtczak

Visiting Artists: Gwen Akin & Allen Ludwig • Nathan Lyons • Fariba Hajamadi • Shan Goshorn • Geno Rodriguez • Abigail Solomon-Godeau • G. Peter Jemison • Richard Ray Whitman • Fern Logan • Sophie Rivera

Western New York Filmmakers’ Forum: Madison Filmmakers Collaborative—Chris O’Dowd, Ken Kerst, Maggie MacIntosh, D.W. Wanberg, Steve Wursterlund • Lens Considerations: New Video from COLAB • Robert Doyle • Mark Swetland • Paul Dickinson, Michael Hamilton, Biff Henrich, Henry Jesionka, Ken Rowe, Lewis Klahr, Mark Frischman, Eric Jensen, Terry Klein, Barbara Lattanzi, Paul Sharits • Lawrence Brose, John Dombrowski, Carmen Einfinger, Jon Hand, Patty Wallace, Peter Babula, Don Brennan, Tony Conrad, So Young Kim, Gary Nickard, Amaresh Sinha, Jam Vafai, Kevin Fix, Steve Gallagher, Lewis Mang, Joel Resnikoff, Rachael Weissman • I Can’t Shut Up—Fritz Bacher • Danny Lyon Film Festival • The Corrosion Show—Terry Klein • Alien Nation—Meridael Rubenstein, Michael Ach & Mark Brady • Rapture—Paul Sharits, World Premiere.

Artist Publications: Thought Objects—Barbara Ess And Glenn Branca • Verbal Landscape/Dinosaur Sat Down—Nathan Lyons • The Cadet Jumps Into The Water) Robert C. Morgan;

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