Exhibitions: Digital Image: A Closer Look—Curated by John Hiester; Steve Bonnett, Howard Cohen, Patrick DeRose, Dave Ellis, Isabella S. L. Green, Howard Greenhalgh, Jamie Houk, Terry Hylton, Peter Kavanagh, Robert Keough, Darrell Pockett, Dale Sloat, John Solowski, Michael Teres, Brian Tregidden, David Wagner, Douglas Whitehouse • Materiality—Curated by James Welling; Nancy Barton/Laurel Beckman, Don Corman, Jeanne Dunning, Rodney Graham, Monique Safford, Christopher Williams • Images; The Doll House;Acroba/poli/tics—Judite Dos Santos • Buffalo Shoot—CEPA Members’ Show • Eureka!—Cork Marcheski • Duende!) Curated By Gary Nickard, Charles Biasiny-Rivera, Rafael Goldchain, Ricardo Salecedo, Andres Serrano • New British Photography—Curated by Linda Cathcart; Victor Burgin, Susan Butler, Callum Colvin, Peter Fraser, Paul Graham, Susan Hiller, Mari Mahr, Ron O’Donnell, Martin Paar, Boyd Webb, Richard Wentworth, Verdi Yahooda • Digital Photography: Captured Imagery/Volatile Memory/New Montage—Curated by Jim Pomeroy and Marnie Gillett; Michael Brodsky, Carol Flax, Christopher Burnett, Ed Tannenbaum, Esther Parada, Paul Berger, George Legrady, Manual (Suzanne Bloom and Ed Hill), Alan Rath, Sheila Pinkel • Essential Contact—Curated by Ingrid Pollard; Rotimi Fani-Kayode, Gilbert John, Rhona Harriette, Joy Kahumbu, Mumtaz Karimjee, Roshini Kempado, Mohan Mistry, Robert Taylor, Peter Vinaik • In The Ring—Curated by Jenny Mckenzie; Ingrid Pollard, Claudette Johnson, Geraldine Walsh, Simone Alexander • Interim Part I; Corpus—Mary Kelly

Satellite Exhibitions: New Work—Lauren Tent @ Campos • Katherine Kreisher @ Campos • Endgame—Richard Baim @ Campos • Myth Today—Richard Bolton @ Campos • Joint CEPA/El Museo Francisco Oller y Diego Rivera Exhibition—Curated by Craig Centrie @ Campos

Public Art Projects: Recent Work—Cheryl St. George (Bus Show) • Fred Ciminelli (Bus Show) • Preparing the Body: Pathogenic Equations—Virocode:Andrea Mancuso/Peter D’Auria (Bus Show) • What Is Sexy—Craig Ziper (Bus Show) • Image Maps—Bonnie Gordon (Subway Stations) • Kristin Peterson

Visiting Artists: James Welling • Judite Dos Santos •Chen Mei • Stan Brakhage 

Film & Video: WNY Film Forum: Kevin Fix, Eric Jensen, Julie Zando, Peter Babula John Hand •Films and Lecture—Stan Brakhage • Hyacinth Fire—Lawrence Brose with live music from the Buffalo New Music Ensemble • Films People From The People’s Republic Of China • Joan Strommer • Bruce Baille

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