Exhibitions: Chile: Seen From Within—Curated by Sheila Pinkel; Paz Errazuriz, Helen Hughes, Marcelo Montecino, Eduardo Nunez, Felipe Orrego, Sergio Parr, Luis Weinstein, Lille Y Toulouse, Oscar Wittke, Esther Bubley • Trajectories—Helene Hourmat • The Man In The Street—Ken Miller • Derivatives—Recent Work from CEPA Amiga Workshops • Threshold Procedures—Michael West, Virocode, Kristin Peterson, Peter Panetta, Thomas Mulligan, David Maas, Flexoid, Gabrielle Bouliane • Then What?—Carrie Mae Weems • Carl Weidemann (Performance)

Satellite Exhibitions: Edie Bresler @ Campos • Painted Photographs—Katherine Kreisher @ Campos • Passages—Michael Gibbs @ Campos 

Bus Shows: Stretch and Tone—Diane Bush • Robin Tressler • Busz Words: Public Art From L.A.—Cheryl Gaulke, Karen Atkinson, Sandra Govin, Mark Greenfield, Dolores Guenero-Cruz, Li Huai, Kerr + Malley, Susan King, Beverly Naidus, Mark Niblock, Kathleen O’Reilly, Jesus Perez, Sheila Pinkel • Narrative Photograms—Peter Goin • Views Of Europe—Bill Arnold • People In Environments—Jane Alden Stevens • Recent Work—Lorna Beiber 

Visiting Artists: Esther Bubley • Orlagh Mulcahy • Emily Breer • Ken Miller • Carrie Mae Weems 

Film & Video: Portraits—Alia Syed (Germany), Vicki Adams (England), Matthias Mueller (Germany), Gina Czanecki-Gables (England), Jean Mathee (Ireland), Orlagh Mulcahy (England) • Emily Breer • A Day Without Art—Video Against Aids • Spatial Depth And Spastic Death—Carl Weidemann • Films From The London Filmmakers Coop—Michael Maziere; Moira Sweeney, Anna Thew, Tina Keane • The DMS Show • Pressure Harold Ove • Feel The Fear—Mary Fillipo

Visiting Artists: Omobowale Ayorinde • Marion Ware • Sylvie Poirier

Artist Publications: Then What? Photographs and Folklore—Carrie Mae Weems

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