Exhibitions: Point and Shoot—curated by Robert Hirsch and David Harrod, featuring Terry Towery, Judy Sanchez, Jennette Williams, Carol Glauber, David Pace, Matthew Marvin, Frank White, Beth Lantgen, Mel Rosenthanl, Dennis Olanzo Callwood, Sulaiman Ellison, Louis M. Squillace, Linda Raskin, Annette Fournet, Lil Friedlander, K. Johnson Bowles, Mark Sheinkman, Blair Ruth Rainey, Hanneke Van Velzen • Viewpoint—Duncan Bethel, Terrie Ford, Bridgette Robinson, Curtis Robinson, Flora Shack, Jeanette Shropshire, Clarence Washington, John Dugdale; Steven Morrison • Third Annual Amiga Art Exhibition—curated by Andrew Deutsch and Matthew McElligott, featuring Denis Dale, Joseph Scheer, Michael Schell, Spencer Cromie, Steinar Rosenberg, Wojeciech Bruszewski • John Paradiso • Willyum Rowe • Ana Maria Hidalgo • Stephen Morrison • John Dugdale • Vestigial Remains—Sigrid Casey • Sammy Watso (Native American Fellowship Winner) • Alters Of Earth—Smith Dudley 

Satellite Exhibitions: Short Stories—Julia Millis @ Campos •CEPA Point and Shoot @ Campos • Looking At Animals—Terry Towery @ Campos • Natural Resources: Visual Metaphors—Judy Sanchez And Tom Weber @ Campos • Richard Kaplan @ Campos 

Bus Shows: Jeanne Victor • African Mosaics—Sulaiman Ellison • Off The Deep End—Jeannette Williams • Michelle Bradt • The Bill Of Rights—Pete Herzfeld 

Visiting Artists: Robert Hirsch • Willyum Rowe• Phyllis Galembo  
Film & Video: Power And Desire— Experimental Lesbian and Gay Filmmakers; Grapholetti—Francoise Thomas, Ballad of Reading Goal—Richard Kwietniowski, 1969—Jerry Tartaglia, First Comes Love—Su Friedrich, The Right to Love—Carl Michael George, Relax—Chris Newby, Spin Cycle—Aarin Burch, The Love Monster—Maria Maggenti, Identities—Nino Rodriguez, Needle Nightmare—Phil Zwickler, Coiled—Zack Stiglicz @ Albright-Knox • La Nina, la Pinta, and the Santa Maria; Tapas; A Place of Their Own; Till Somebody Loves You; A Leaf Falls—Pia Cseri-Briones

May 16, 1992, 1st Biennial Photography Art Auction

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