Exhibitions: Light & Representation CEPA Members Show • Explaining The Explainable (Not Just Art)—Bonnie Gordon • Remembrance Of Love—Christopher Nickard • In Search Of The Pleasure Principle—Cora Cohen, Joan Curtis, James Baker Hall, Ann A. Johnson, Rod Lazorik, Frank Noelker, Michael O’Brien, John Pfahl, Felicity Rich, Elise Mitchell Sanford, Thomas Tulis, Kathy Vargas, Jo Whaley • The Exile Project—Yuri Marder • New Work—Josh Iguchi • Diptychs; Sequences; Landscapes—Gwen Akin & Allan Ludwig • The Return—Sylvia de Swaan • Face To Face With The Bomb: Unveiling America’s Nuclear Arsenal—Paul Shambroom • Camera & Light CEPA Members’ Show – 75 Artists

Satellite Exhibitions: Watershed Investigations—Mark Abrahamson @ Campos • The Lakeview Project, 23 youths from The Lakeview Housing Project @ Campos • In Years With 12 Months—Nathaniel Brockman @ Campos • The Memory Is A Muscle—Matthew Lincoln @ Campos • Diptychs; Sequences; Landscapes—Gwen Akin & Allan Ludwig @ Campos • The Lakeview Project; 5 youths from The Lakeview Housing Project – UB Center For Tomorrow & Buffalo Community Partnership • Historic Images From Western New York—Various 20th Century Photographers @ Niagara Outlet Mall

Bus Shows: Seduction, Advanced Undergraduates SUNY Buffalo Photography Program • Parkside Community Association Summer Arts Program • Just Buffalo Literary Center Writer-In-Education Project

Public Art Projects: Keepers Of The Western Door, Edgar Heap Of Birds @ Buffalo Niagara International Airport, Metro Rail Stations, Metro Buses, Main Place Mall • Jean Lamarr

Visiting Artists: Bonnie Gordon • Matthew Isaac Schwonke • Gerald Mead & Gary Nickard • Lucy Lippard • Kathleen Campbell • Gwen Akin & Allan Ludwig • Sylvia de Swaan • Paul Shambroom • Margo Machida

Film & Video: Six Films from Kapital—Keith Sanborn • La Nina, La Pinta And The Santa Maria & Lost Tribe, Pia Cseri-Briones and others from Visual Studies Workshop • Brownsnow—Carl Brown • Up To The South—Walid Ra’ad & Jayce Salloum • Body In Question—Barbara Sternberg • Two—Kika Thorne, Mike Hoolboom • Open Letter: Grasp The Bird’s Tail—Brenda Joy Lem • Private Property (Public Domain)—Shellie Fleming • Beating—Barbara Sternberg • Power And Desire ’95: Off The Margins, eight films by gay and lesbian artists of color—Karim Ainouz, Jamika Ajalon, Yau Ching, Shari Frilot, Thomas Allen Harris, Quentin Lee, Charles Loften, Luciana Moreira, Lily Marnell • Visions Of Empowerment, O.Funmilayo Makarah • Super 8 Filmmaker—Luther Price • Shades And Spirits, Independent Films by African-American Women (with Hallwalls) • New French Experimental Films—Yann Beauvais

Education: The Lakeview Project Exhibition Taken By Youth From The Lakeview Housing Projects As Part Of CEPA’S Pilot Educational Photography Program • CEPA/BMHA Education Program, Lakeview Housing Development • CEPA BMHA Education Program, Public Housing Developments In North Buffalo • CEPA Education Program; Native American Youth From Buffalo’s West Side • The North End; North Buffalo Public Housing

Meet The Artist; Buffalo Community Partnership; O. Funmilayo Makarah

CEPA’S 21ST Season Opening Birthday Bash; Ron Ehmke; Alison Pipitone

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