CEPA receives first grant from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

CEPA begins to offer workshops in its digital lab and photographic darkrooms.

Art Works! Artist-in-residency program established.

Lawrence Brose, Director

Exhibitions: Ruins In Reverse: Time And Progress In Contemporary Art Part II;
Partially Buried in Three Parts: Extract—Renee Green, In the Place of the Public—Martha Rosler, Geegaw + Scientifikk= Logikkal Trifle (Underground Gallery) Steps Towards an Understanding of a Severed Human Head (Window on Main Street)—Stephan Apicella-Hitchcock And Brian McClave, Thresholds: The Arcade Projects—Shadi Nazarian, Geomancia—Martin Kruck, The Shower Bath of the Patriarchs, a Psychogeography of Buffalo—Gary Nickard and Patty Wallace, Untitled—Anya Lewin • Binary Exposures—Thomas Payne • Buffalo: Portrait Of A City • 4th Annual Emerging Artists Exhibition, Linda Brown and Lara Odell • Annual Members’ Show: 25 Years Of Photography • Urban Dresses—Gisela Gamper • Pictures From America—Jeffrey Henson-Scales, Images In A Post-Photographic Age—Will Larson, Susan Evans, Matt Gainer, Rachel Schreiber, Simen Johan, Martina Lopez, Susan Silton, Paul Berger, Avraham Eilat, Kimberly Burleigh, Michael Endsorf • Irish Republicans: Ireland and America—Kevin Noble • Buffalo: Portrait Of A City II , Exhibition And Book Signing

CEPA Journal: Ruins in Reverse: Time and Progress in Contemporary Art, Editor and Curatorial Consultant: Grant Kesler. Critical Essays: Grant Kesler, Reversible Tomorrows: Art, Photography and Progress at the Fin de Siécle, Eduardo Cadava, Irreversible Ruin,
Peter Osborne, A Historical Index of Images: the Aesthetic Signification of the Photograph,
Susan Buck-Morris, Time and the Image: Darwinianism in Reverse

Satellite Exhibitions: Buffalo: Portrait Of A City • New Work—Kanghoon Park

Bus Shows: In the Place of the Public—Martha Rosler • Untitled—Anya Lewin • If All The Frogs Sicken and Die, What Will Happen to the Princess—Ruth Whalen • The Dorothy Dandridge Series—Beverly L. Johnson

Window on Main Street: Steps Towards an Understanding of a Severed Human Head—Stephan Apicella-Hitchcock and Brian McClave • New Work—Emily Chang • John Brown Series—Tyrone Georgiou

Visiting Artists: Jeffrey Henson-Scales

Education Projects: Careers: School to Work, School 71 • Buffalo: Portrait Of A City II; Babcock Mitchell Chapters of The Boys & Girls Clubs of Buffalo • Neighborhood Exploration, Police Athletic League Maryland/Busti Site (Formerly Father Belle Community Center) • Photographs Within a Room, Seniors Unlimited of People Inc. • Careers: School to Work Project, Teaching Artist Patty Wallace, Buffalo Public School 71

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