CEPA partners with 9 New York State organizations to form the New York State Artists Workspace Consortium. Funded by NYSCA, The Warhol Foundation the NEA and the Ford Foundation.

Exhibitions: NAPF: The Navel of the World, An Intercultural Multimedia Project by 12 Artists • Descriptions, Depictions and Decisions—Robert Goss (5th Annual Emerging Artist Exhibition) • Annual Members’ Exhibition: Ground Zero • Vision Femenina, Mayan Women From Chiapas, Mexico • Apeshit—Leah Gilliam (Collaboration With Squeaky Wheel) • New Work—Keith Johnson • Young Photographers, Student Work From CEPA’s Youth Education Program • Soul Searching—Stephen Marc • Cuba 2000 Paradox Found—Errol Daniels • 5th Biennial Photography Art Auction Preview Exhibition • Unlimited Partnerships: Collaboration In Contemporary Art, Part One, Curated by Jill Casid, María DeGuzmán and Lawrence Brose; Blueprints for a Nation—Adal & Rev. Pedro Pietri, Political Landscapes—Carol Conde & Karl Beveridge, 2 Degrees of Separation—Next Question: Emily Blair, Michelle Illuminato, Phuong Nguyen • Unlimited Partnerships: Collaborations In Contemporary Art, Part Two; Real Time Shifts—Jessie Sherfin, Joseph Scheer & Peter Bode, New Work—SPIR, Conceptual Photography, Jill Casid & Maria Deguzman, TireFire—Sue Wrbican & Mary Carothers, Theatre of Operations—Carol Conde & Karl Beveridge, (Multiple Public Locations), New Installation—Culture and Conflict Group: Lyell Davies, Conor Mcgrady, Gary Nickard, Kevin Noble, Michael Tierney, Patty Wallace & Frankie Quinn, Damping Chamber, Hornful, Buzz Humm—Millie Chen & Evelyn Von Michalofski, Germ Theory—Virocode: Peter D’auria & Andrea Mancuso,

CEPA Journal: Unlimited Partnerships: Collaborations in Contemporary Art, Editor: Grant Kester; Critical Essays: Grant Kester, Conversation Pieces: Collaboration and Artistic Identity • Jill Casid and María DeGuzmán, Volatizing Partnership Ltd.: Partnerships Unlimited

Public Art Projects: Pupspindanceslow—Caroline Koebel, Paradise Reconfigured—Paul Vanouse, New Installation—Culture & Conflict Group

Education Programs: Boys & Girls Club – Baird & LaSalle Chapters – Buffalo: Portrait of a City III • BPS 71 – “Keepin it Real” Newspaper Project and Family Tree Project • BPS 45 – Self Portrait Project • BPS 63 – Careers • BPS 71 – “Young Perspectives” Buffalo History Calendar Summer Program • BPS 28 – “Our Voices” project • Charles Finney High School Photography Class • Grover Cleveland High School – What’s Your Story? • King Urban Life Center Photography Class

Resident Artists: Emily Blair, Michelle Illuminato, Phoung Nguyen (Next Question) •
Stephen Marc • Sue Wrbican and Mary Carothers

May 6, 2000: 5th Biennial Photography Art Auction

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