City of Buffalo abandons cultural funding.

CEPA receives the New York State Governor’s Arts Award.

CEPA receives a Warhol Initiative Grant of $110,000 for capacity building.

Exhibitions: Annual Members Show: Expose Yourself • 6th Annual Emerging Artists Exhibitions; Tato—Olenka Bodnarskyj-Gunn, Cubic Foot of Earth—Brian Collier, • Reliquary of Desire—Frank Miller • New Developments—Kim Beck • The Hirschfeld Exhibit: Magnus Hirschfeld and the Institute for Sexual Science •Paradise In Search of a Future, Part One, curated by Lisa Fischman and Lawrence Brose— The Abstraction—Michael Anderson, Frontiertown 2000 (FT2K)—Diane Bertolo, Citizen of the World—Tseng Kwong Chi, Already Been in a Lake of Fire—Walid G. Ra’ad, Awakened in Buffalo—Stephen Marc, Just Another Market Mop Up—Andrew Johnson, French Chair in Taiwan—Ben Yu, Knowmad—Knowmad Confederacy, Oliver Boberg, Peter DeLory, Doug Hall, Taro Hatori, Carolyn Ray, John Schnabel, Elin O’Hara Slavick • Paradise In Search Of A Future, Part Two— The McDonald’s Project—Mark Hogan,
The Artist is at Niagara Falls—Matts Leiderstam, Dead Letter Office—Allan Sekula, Whose Paradise?—Karen Kosasa And Stan Tomita, Plenium: Touring 2001—Jane D. Marsching, Souvenirs—Frank Miller, Mirage—Annette Weintraub, All That is Solid: Buffalo, 2001—Deborah Bright, Imaging Niagara—John Craig Freeman, White Noise—Susie Brandt & Betsie Brandt

CEPA Journal: Paradise in Search of a Future (CD-ROM Format) Journal Editor and Essayist: Lisa Fischman.

Satellite Exhibitions: Steel—Patricia Layman Bazelon, Weiss Gallery At SUNY Empire State, Empire Brewing Co. • Buffalo: Portrait of a City III, Youth Exhibition Travels to HSBC Bank Branches Throughout the Region

Public Art Projects: Theatre of Operations—Carole Conde & Karl Beveridge @ Buffalo Niagara International Airport, Metrorail Stations, Metro Buses • Souvenirs—Frank Miller, Bus Show •Awakened in Buffalo—Stephen Marc, Bus Show • Waters—Pamela Hawkins, Window on Main Street • Plenium: Touring 2001—Jane D. Marsching, Window on Main Street • The Abstraction—Michael Anderson, Window on Main Street

Education Programs: Artworks! • BPS 28 – Mural Project • BPS 45 – Autobiography • BPS 71 – Propaganda (photography, video and web design) • Charles Finney High School Photography Class • Erie County 4H Photography Class • GLYS (Gay & Lesbian Youth Services) photography program • Grover Cleveland High School – What’s Your Story? • Herman Badillo Summer Program – Family Tree “My Family, Myself”

Resident Artists: Deborah Bright • John Craig Freeman • Susie and Betsy Brandt • Matts Leiderstam

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