Bobby Gryzynger: Cloud Cafe

CEPA Gallery Exhibits and Events Bobby Gryzynger's Cloud Cafe

CEPA Gallery is proud to present Cloud Cafe, an interactive installation by University of Buffalo MFA candidate Bobby Gryzynger. The exhibition will open Saturday, March 22 at CEPA’s Big Orbit Project Space. A reception for the artist and the public will take place from 8-11pm and the exhibit will run through April 5.


Cloud Cafe is an interactive interrogation of the current state of technology engagement, electronic surveillance and cultures of sharing. The work features a unique juxtaposition of old and new technologies presented in an ephemeral Internet cafe. Within the cafe environment, the project is comprised of two elements: an array of 100 handmade light bulbs and a network surveillance system. Through the interaction of these elements, and the viewers’ experience of them, Cloud Cafe engages with our contemporary experience of technology both in the manner in which it is awe-inspiring and deeply troubling.


My current work incorporates video, computer programming, digital image making, installation and craft media. By combining these practices and using them in unconventional and oppositional manners I attempt to tease out the tactical applications of each. My work explores the opposition between the public and private spheres in order to question and challenge relationships to power. Psychologically, my work seeks to explore the inner, hidden lives of subjects embedded in public/private power dynamics.

I am interested in the contemporary collapse of the private sphere into the public sphere and the on-going privatization of knowledge held in common. The manner in which public knowledge has come under the control of private and for-profit entities and the degree to which individuals’ private lives have become public record has driven my current body of work. Through this work, I aim to motivate viewers to question their relationship with the technologies they use and, to a growing degree, rely upon by engaging with the vernaculars and logics of hegemonic technologies. I wish to compel viewers to assess how these technologies orchestrate social relations and underpin hierarchies of power. In doing so, I advocate for more transparent mechanisms through which subjects may enjoy both personal privacy and open access to knowledge held in common.

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