Danni Jo Bechtold, Landscape Girls & The Worst Words

CEPA Gallery Exhibits & Events - Danni Jo Bechtold, Landscape Girls & The Worst Words

Join Danni Jo Bechtold at CEPA’s Focus Gallery for the opening of Landscape Girls and The Worst Words, concurrent with the opening reception and meet-and-greet with four great artists—Martin Kruck, Tatana Kellner, Insoon Ha, and Adrian Little.

Then, check out all of CEPA’s galleries full of great contemporary photography, media arts, installation and performance art.

DANNI JO BECHTOLD: Artist Statement

Landscape Girls

Humans are made up of so much more that skin and bones. We are composed of memories, people we’ve spoken to, and Earth we’ve walked. This collection in a celebration of hometowns, starry nights, grassy gardens and all of the places that have shaped the person we are today. Where we come from serves as a precedent for the rest of our life: It’s in our genetic code and engrained deep into our manner of being. You carry your home with you wherever you go. We are an environment walking, a melting pot of wholehearted memories. We are the shape our small town built us to be.

The Worst Words

“What’s the worst advice someone has ever given you?”

The worst words, the little white lies. The cruelest reminders and backhanded advice. In all of our lives, there has been one strange and clear moment when we realize the advice someone has given us isn’t true at all. Maybe it was the time your high school gym teacher tried to minimize the impact of an impression. Or a close friend tried to help you forget something. Or maybe it was the time someone made you feel like nothing, like your whole life would only ever exist within the borders of your small town.

This series is a collection composed from teachers, friends, family and other people that make up my life and the worst advice they had ever received. I can promise you, not one person who confessed their worst advice to me gave into this warped way of thinking. They were strong enough to walk in their own direction, wherever that path may have taken them. The way someone sees a situation isn’t the way things necessarily are, and their viewpoint won’t always ring true.

The worst words don’t sink into your character as long as you never listen once.

About CEPA’s Focus Gallery

CEPA’s Focus Gallery was created to highlight the work of extraordinary young people who have a connection to CEPA because of their interest and enthusiasm for photography. They come to CEPA on their own to observe, learn, work, experiment and make photographs.

Featured CEPA Buffalo Charter School Student: Danni Jo Bechtold

15-year-old Danni Jo Bechtold was born and raised in rural Montana. Upon moving to Buffalo with her father and two ridiculous dogs in November 2012, she spent a year attending Tapestry Charter High School before returning to Montana in August 2013. After finishing high school, she plans on attending a university in Europe where she will double major in English and World Religion. After college, she hopes to join the Teachers Without Borders Program and work on her first novel. She hopes to write and take pictures for the rest of her life—that’s what she was built to do.

“CEPA was a place for me to breathe and be myself. I found a community of people that I connected with who provided a space for me to learn and create. I loved meeting new people and sharing with other artists. CEPA provided me a place to learn about the photography world and help me realize that this is a passion that could last a lifetime. And I’m so grateful.”

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