Derek Farkas: A Vacuous Veneer

Derek Farkas's A Vacuous Veneer at CEPA Gallery

Coinciding with CEPA’s 2014 Members Exhibit opening Saturday, February 8, Derek Farkas, a 2013 Members’ Exhibition Award Winner, will debut his exhibit A Vacuous Veneer in CEPA’s Flux Gallery.

Artist’s Statement

By Derek Farkas

As Voyager I passed the outer rim of our solar system, NASA compiled the pictorial mosaic that has come to be known as the “Family Portrait.” Antithetical to the primary mission objective, Carl Sagan reversed the Voyager cameras back toward the inner solar system. The resulting 60 images revealed six planets including our own, which manifested as a mere fraction of a pixel. Upon early analysis, researchers misread this “Pale Blue Dot” as an irregularity resulting from digital interference. In diminishing our reflection to the level of a pixel, Earth had become unrecognizable. Twenty years later, with dissociative technologies playing an even greater societal role, the event has taken on a prophetic significance. We have lost the tactility of life, and show no interest in ceasing our perverse voyage away from each other, deprived of a physicality increasingly removed from our experience.

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