Elements of Black & White Photography

Wednesdays, 6:00pm-8:00pm
January 21-February 28

Film is alive and well at CEPA. In six short weeks, this class will take the student from a novice with a camera to
a learned black and white printer. Starting with a 35mm camera, students will learn how the technical controls of
the camera work and why they control not only the exposure but also the aesthetic feel of an image. From there we
move into the darkroom where students will process a roll of film and learn about the properties
of photographic paper. Students will then begin printing, first a contact sheet and then black and
white photographic prints. All this in little over a month! A single lens reflex camera that
can be used in manual mode is recommended. Bring your camera and its instruction book to the
first class. If you don’t have a camera, one can be provided with prior notice. Additional supplies will be necessary and discussed in class.

Price: $240.00
CEPA Member Price: $215.00

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