Hans van den Broek: Landscapes



CEPA is pleased to present Landscapes, an exhibition of photographs by Hans van den Broek. The exhibition will run from April 22 — May 28, 2016 in the Flux Gallery (1st floor). An opening reception with the artist will take place on Friday, April 22 from 7-10pm at CEPA Gallery in our Market Arcade galleries .

Hans van den Broek will be presenting a selection of landscape photographs made in Montana over the course of 60 years that, on the surface, seem to follow in the tradition of Anselm Adams, yet upon further investigation, departs from Adam’s almost fetishitic obsession with technique to reveal something far more personal. Revealing the sublime within the tradition of the landscape genre, van den Broek’s color photographs often recall the majestic vistas of Hudson River School paintings before shifting into abstract fields of shape and color only to shift once again into a space of visual poetics that can be likened to early 20th century Japanese pictorialism.

Dr. Hans van den Broek was born in 1931 in Holland. He spent some time in the US in the late 50s, then returned to Holland and was drafted into the Dutch army for a year and a half. After working in Holland for a short time he came back to the US permanently in the late 60s and did medical residencies in various specialties. He started taking photography more seriously once he retired in 1990. He visited Montana while on a trip to the west coast in the late 50s and returned many times to photograph.

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