Kate MacNeil: Vicious Cycle

CEPA Gallery is pleased to present, Vicious Cycle by multidisciplinary artist Kate MacNeil. An opening reception with the artist will take place on Friday, April 13, 2018 from 7-10pm.

Kate MacNeil’s work is rooted in a traditional practice of drawing and printmaking. Pursuing these interests over the years, she has found herself drawn to pushing the limits of print media, interspersing her practice with video, sound, and performance-based pieces. Through these intersections of media, her work explores themes of loss, memory, and mental illness.

Most recently, her work draws connections between the physical and psychological impressions left by traumatic experiences. Utilizing modalities of print media such as reflectivity and repetition, Vicious Cycle provides an analogous space in which to conceptualize the body, its memories, and its various psychologies. These prints and performances foreground the physical interactions that impress marks on paper as symbolic of the changes a body and mind undergo after experiencing trauma. The plates are punched, corroded, broken, screamed at, and disintegrated as a means of investigating the ways in which a body can be harmed through emotional and physical abuse.

The prints resulting from these performances represent the ways in which we continue to be affected by markers of experience long after the event has taken place. The work seeks to confront the silence surrounding traumatic events, mental illness, and the messiness of healing. Vicious Cycle ultimately calls into question the cyclical nature of violence – what is the mark of trauma and how does it unfold in individual experiences?

Born in Asheville, NC in 1989, Kate MacNeil graduated from the College of Charleston with a BA in Studio Art in 2011, where she focused in drawing, painting, and printmaking. From 2011 to 2016, she worked closely with organizations such as the Gibbes Museum of Art, Sideshow Press, and Redux Contemporary Art Center to promote printmaking within the Charleston area. She has recently been featured at the International Print Center New York, PrintAustin, and Print Matters (Houston). She is currently an instructor and MFA Candidate in Studio Art at the University at Buffalo.

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