Lot 139: Stacey Robinson

Digital collage
24 x 18.5 inches
Series: Fear of a Black Planet
Signed verso
Courtesy of the artist
Fair Market Value

Stacey Robinson, an Assistant Professor of graphic design at the University of Illinois, is an Arthur Schomburg fellow who completed his Masters of Fine Art at the University at Buffalo. His work discusses ideas of Black Utopias as decolonized spaces of peace by considering Black affluent, self-sustaining communities, Black protest movements and the art that document(ed) them. As part of the collaborative team Black Kirby with artist John Jennings, he creates graphic novels, gallery exhibitions and lectures that deconstruct the work of artist Jack Kirby to re-imagine Black resistance spaces inspired by Hip Hop, religion, the arts, and sciences. His latest graphic novel, I Am Alfonso Jones with writer Tony Medina, is available from Lee & Low books. Combining graphic design with illustration, I counter the global conflicts of integration, miseducation, unresolved slavery, unresolved emancipation and colonialisms effect on Black peoples’ collective ability to self-organize and self-govern. My work explores speculative decolonized territories to think about what Blackness means in a space that has never existed without interruption in several hundred years, thus redefining Blackness.

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