Lot 132: Frank O’Connor

Archival inkjet print
30 x 40 inches
Signed recto ink
Courtesy of the artist
Fair Market Value

Frank O’Connor is a multi-media artist whose work has gradually evolved from non-representational painting to embrace computer art and digital imagery as well as installation. His tenure at the School of Visual Arts in New York greatly enhanced his initial views of modern art. Mr. O’Connor has an MFA in Painting from North Carolina at Greensboro and an MA in Art History from Notre Dame with further full-time graduate study at Binghamton University and University College Dublin. Recent projects include his two-hundred-foot long Serpent of Dreams installation at Artpark and the current Sinisteria Coloria at the Charles Burchfield Nature and Art Center in West Seneca. In January of 2016 he had a solo exhibition of recent large-scale digital imagery at CEPA Gallery.

There are two main currents which both infuse and underlie most of my artistic endeavors. The first is structure, the second is color. Images are built from component parts to form a larger, more populated whole. Color reinforces structure but also is used to subvert preferential readings, societal conventions, which want to imprint meanings on that color which are artificially assigned and not intrinsically present. This two-fold venture references both visual communication generally and our seemingly innate ability to generate sounds which ultimately constitute speech. Art historical references also abound. Here, it is to William Michael Harnett’s After the Hunt and other of his ‘door’ paintings.

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