Lot 138: Jean-Michel Reed

Various Big Fires #61
Archival pigment print
30 x 42 inches
Series: Various Big Fires Series
Edition 1/3
Signed verso
Courtesy of the artist
Fair Market Value

Jean-Michel Reed received his M.A. in architecture at the University at Buffalo. His work has been shown in numerous exhibitions: Jean-Michel Reed: Introspective (CEPA Gallery, Buffalo, 2012), Beyond/In Western New York (Burchfield Penney Art Center, 2010), Playlist (Postmasters, New York, 2010, organized by Patty Johnson and Steven Stern), and Ecologies of Decay (Artspace, Buffalo, 2009), among others. Reed’s work has been reviewed in The Buffalo News, Art in America, and Frieze, as well as the juried Review Santa Fe (2011). Reed’s recent essay on the topic of fire photography, American Pyromania, is included in Miriam Paeslack’s Ineffably Urban: Imaging Buffalo (Ashgate, 2013). In addition to his artistic practice, he has worked as a paramedic and realtor. www.reedsalesco.com

The series Night Fires is an exploration of the spectacle of the urban fires. The images were all photographed in Buffalo over the course of 15 years. The images explore the visual landscape of the post-industrial city, but are also about the process of making images. They attempt to show the captivating sublime beauty of these tragic, yet seemingly, inevitable scenes. This particular image is of multiple houses burning in a late-night East Side arson and was originally shown as part of the exhibition, Ecologies of Decay (Artspace, 2009) and later in Beyond/In Western New York (Burchfield Penney Art Center, 2010). The images are shot with 35mm slide film and are digital inkjet prints mounted on acrylic.

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