Lot 15: Philippe Halsman

Duke Ellington at the Piano
Silver gelatin print
14 x 11 inches
Series: Musicians
Signed verso pencil
Courtesy of Benjaman Gallery /Resource:Art
Fair Market Value

BIO: Philippe Halsman (1906-1979) produced a significant body of photographic work during his career. Halsman’s work was published in countless magazines around the world, including covers for LIFE, Look, Paris Match, Saturday Evening Post, Time, Stern, and TV Guide, among many others. Philippe Halsman was a master printer. The best quality silver gelatin prints were made by him personally, in his own darkroom, with his wife Yvonne as his lifelong darkroom assistant. Halsman did not number his prints, and did not issue limited editions during his lifetime.

STATEMENT: My great interest in life has been people. A human being changes continuously throughout life. His thoughts and moods change, his expressions and even his features change. And here we come to the crucial problem of portraiture. If the likeness of a human being consists of an infinite number of different images, which one of these images should we try to capture? For me, the answer has always been, the image which reveals most completely both the exterior and the interior of the subject. Such a picture is called a portrait. A true portrait should, today and a hundred years from today, be the testimony of how this person looked and what kind of human being he was.

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