Lot 17: Christian Coronado

2016 CEPA Gallery Biennial Art Auction, Christian Coronado

Archival Inkjet Print
10 x 15 inches
Signed Verso

BIO: Christian has always been interested in capturing a moment and became interested in photography when he was about 9. He used his Mom’s digital camera at first and then in 2012 he came to a CEPA Summer Camp where he learned how to use a film camera and the darkroom. Since then Christian has taken all of the CEPA classes and has broken into the professional field of photography as well as becoming a teaching artist for CEPA. Christian has acquired the equipment necessary to shoot weddings, portraits and most anything that comes up. His depth of knowledge of photography and technology and his interest in sharing his love of photography with others has led to his teaching a youth workshop of his own at CEPA. Currently a freshman at Hutch-Tech, Christian is focusing his studies on technology.

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