Lot 18: Silvia de Swaan

2016 CEPA Gallery Biennial Art Auction, Sylvia de Swaan

Waiting: A Self Portrait
Archival Inkjet Print
12 x 24 inches
Signed Verso

BIO: Sylvia de Swaan is a Romanian born photographer who has lived, worked and exhibited in Mexico, Europe and the United States. Her long term projects have been supported by numerous residencies and foundations and arts organizations, among them, Art Matters, Inc, Aaron Siskind Foundation, ArtsLink, Light Work, VCCA, NYFA, Bemis Center for Contemporary Art; Austrian Ministry of Culture; Anderson Ranch Art Center, CEPA Gallery, and Society for Photographic Education. Sylvia has lived in Central New York since the late 1970s and has had a multitude of involvements in the arts, both regionally and abroad – as an exhibiting artist, executive director of an international studio program, former faculty member in the art department at Hamilton College, arts advocate and curator. www.sylviadeswaan.com

STATEMENT: My work is about travel, personal history, transience, loss, metaphor and flashbacks. It’s about seeking symbolic ways to depict the bygone and the invisible; about telling open-ended stories that ask questions for which there are no easy answers. I us the diptych format to expand my interest in narrative and cinema. Waiting: A Self Portrait is about the elusive self – who am I really? I’m interested in the construction of narrative and how meaning is created and altered through juxtaposition and editing. Though I don’t in any way alter the content of my pictures, the possibility of pairing and formatting sometimes totally unrelated images in a fluid and seamless way, allows me to play the role of film editor––to shape narrative and create sequences that speaks of my personal concerns and the world we live in.

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