Lot 19: Carl Chiarenza

In the Dark of Space
Silver gelatin print 8.25 x 16.6 inches
Edition 12
Signed recto pencil
Courtesy of the artist
Fair Market Value

BIO: Carl Chiarenza, formerly the Fanny Knapp Allen Professor of Art History at the University of Rochester, is now the Fanny Knapp Allen Professor Emeritus and Artist-in-Residence there. At Boston University he was chairman, director of graduate studies, and professor of art history. He also taught at Smith College and Cornell University. A native of Rochester NY, Chiarenza received an A.A.S. and a B.F.A. from Rochester Institute of Technology, an M.S. and A.M. from Boston University and his Ph.D. from Harvard University. Since 1966, Chiarenza has lectured and taught at over 100 institutions in 33 states. He has written many essays and the biography, Aaron Siskind: Pleasures and Terrors (Li le, Brown, Boston, 1982). His photographs have shown in more than 80 solo exhibits and featured in over 260 group exhibitions since 1957. Chiarenza has been reviewing photography books for CHOICE since 1981.

STATEMENT: My photographs are made from collages constructed specifically to be photographed in black and white. My process creates form and subject simultaneously. The photographs do not look like the collages; the collages are discarded after the photographs are completed. The photographs are transformations which refer to and represent visual sensations which I know only from a mix of past encounters with other pictures, music, the world, dreams, and fantasies. The studio and darkroom are like scientists’ laboratories. Artist and scientist tinker in search of the unknown. Both have a desire to see realities never before seen. That is what motivates my work. I explore the photographic picture potential of the process itself, continuing to actively encourage chance, accident, and discovery. My intention, then, my use of photography, is rooted in my belief in it as an artificially constructed medium of pictorial transformation; as a controllable process of making imagery that refers to or represents ideas, events, or feelings that are as real as anything we can point to or name; imagery that is endlessly mysterious.

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