Lot 3: Steve Siegel

Grain Silo #9
Archival inkjet print
30 x 20 inches
Series: Play of Brilliance – Silo Interiors
Edition 50/4
Signed recto pencil
Courtesy of the artist
Fair Market Value

BIO: Steven H. Siegel is a Buffalo, NY based photographer. He is a two-time Merit Award winner of Black and White magazine’s international portfolio competition, with his work appearing in both issues. His work has been honored locally, nationally and internationally including appearing 3 successive years at the North Valley Art League’s, Carter Gallery in their International Juried Art Show. Along with co-author Richard Christian, he has recently published a new book, Creative Spaces: The Western New York Artist Studio Project, which documents, in both images and words, the studios of 15 prominent Western New York artists. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the CEPA Gallery. He is a member of the Buffalo Society of Artists where he served as Treasurer.

STATEMENT: The grain silos in Buffalo, NY are many things to many people; Architectural historians for their design, preservationists for their rich industrial heritage and developers for their commercial possibilities – to name just a few. Possibly, more than any other group, the arts community of Buffalo have seized upon them as both subjects for the production of art as well as venues for presenting that art. Though I have always appreciated the silos from many of these diverse perspectives, this image entitled Grain Silo #9, an image from the photographic series entitled Play of Brilliance – Silo Interiors, is pure Figurative art. The piece captures many of the classic compositional elements of photography, including a dynamic range of light which measured 17 stops (the human eye can see approximately 20), huge and ever-changing levels of contrast as well as dramatic variations of textural elements. These conditions stressed the technical limits of both the camera and the photographer.

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