Lot 30: Bob Fleming

Dislocation A&B
35 x 26 inches
Recto pencil
Courtesy of the artist
Fair Market Value

BIO: Bob Fleming is a visual artist with a practice that includes painting, printmaking and other media (including lm). He worked as a lawyer for a number of years while maintaining an art practice, and is a co-founder of a soon-to-be-running printmaking studio and edition facility in Buffalo. An exhibition of his recent prints was held at Western New York Book Arts Center, Buffalo, NY, in early 2018.

STATEMENT: We live in an era that relentlessly de-prioritizes our shared humanity. My work, which has tended toward the representational and figurative, is an active form of resistance – even outrage – at this outside world. Some of the themes I am currently interested in are the diffculty of meaningful and sustained personal interconnections, the human disruptions caused by armed conflict and economic crisis, the cost of violence and the myth of the “good war.” Dislocation A&B is a monotype. Printmaking is critical for me. Inherent in the printmaking process is a set of steps that requires design, planning, technical and other experimentation, revisions, repetitions and collaboration. Moreover, printmaking is a democratic art form, all about communication and multiple delivery of ideas. Some of the images for my prints are drawn – some imaginary, sometimes observed – and I also borrow images from media or historical sources. There is generally only nominal specificity and this opens the prints up to a range of narrative readings or interpretations.

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