Lot 35: Jim Jipson

Sapajo Brun
Photograph directly printed onto a living leaf. A direct positive process. The leaf is then removed from the living plant.
11 x 7.4 inches
Series: Trees Talking
Signed recto pencil
Courtesy of the artist
Fair Market Value

BIO: Jim Jipson has received a National Endowment for the Arts Regional Visual Arts Fellowship, a Polaroid Artist Support Grant, and several Creative Activity and Research Grants from the University of West Florida. He has exhibited at various galleries and museums throughout the United States. These include The Museum of Florida Art, the Columbus Museum of Art, the Palm Beach Photographic Center, and CEPA Gallery. His work is in the collections of the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, the Ruttenberg Collection, Chicago, the New Orleans Museum of Art, and The State of Florida Art in Public Places Collection, and others. Jim continues to work in the studio and has spent the past several years researching, writing and publishing works about creativity and the human spirit. www.jimjipson.com

STATEMENT: I developed this photo fantasy that plants wanted to let the human population know how badly people were hurting the planet and plants/trees specifically. So the plants begin to send messages on plant leaves in code to alert the human villains. Code doesn’t work, so the plants send images of extinct animals and plants, that too fails to awaken the culprits. So, the plants begin to learn the various languages from throughout the world and pass their messages directly to the human population in a form that the less enlightened may be able to learn. This project was reinforced by the TED talk about trees talking to trees. This project about trees talking to trees also compares the tree communication system to the neuron streams in the human brain.

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