Lot 37: Karsten Krejcarek

2016 CEPA Gallery Biennial Art Auction, Karsten Krejcarek

Uyuni, Shortly Before the Accident
Archival Inkjet Print
14 x 21 inches
Signed Verso
Edition 1/5

BIO: New York-based artist Karsten Krejcarek is a video maker, sculptor, and photographer. Karsten’s work is concentrated on esoteric narrative, mystical symbolism, and natural landscape. In recent years, Karsten has been exploring magical rituals and cultural traditions in the jungles of the Amazon and highlands of South America. During these investigations, he has expanded upon ideas of multiplicity, telepathy, and symbiotic relationships between nature and the unconscious. Karsten received a MFA from Columbia University in 2000, and is an adjunct professor at New York University. He regularly exhibits his work nationally and internationally. Currently Karsten is (once-again) in the process of deploying a reengineered life-on-earth plan.

STATEMENT: As an interdisciplinary artist whose work was historically studio-based, I have found much reward in working in remote locations where the motivating forces are discovery of the unusual and an embrace of the unknown. During my travels I attempt to treat my cultural curiosities less like an anthropologist and more like a naive character interjected into unfamiliar space. In whichever way this character manifests, he is allowed to experiment, make mistakes, and find meeting points through serendipity and enchantment, rather that learning through distanced or academic observation. Within my work I typically use myself as actor, whose role often slips between drama and reality—enacting scenes of existing and self-created myth. I find playing a character a practice of “othering” myself. It is a process of stepping outside of conscious reality and observing the world and my own person from afar.

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