Lot 44: Stephen Perloff

North Dakota #4
Archival pigment print
13.25 x 20 inches
Series: North Dakota
Edition: Open edition, prints are numbered consecutively and dated
Signed verso pencil
Courtesy of the artist
Fair Market Value

BIO: Stephen Perloff is a photographer and curator, as well as founder and Editor of The Photo Review and Editor of The Photograph Collector. His photographs have been exhibited widely and are in numerous private and museum and institutional collections.

Committee for the Design of the Northern Plains.
This day, the world was not born in darkness, but with a bright streak of light, cerulean and provocative.
Piet Mondrian sketched in a precise grid.
Jackson Pollock and Franz Kline swept through the elds with broad, muscular gestures. Cy Twombly placed his delicate calligraphy almost imperceptibly here and there.
And they made it so.

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