Lot 45: Joshua Marks

2016 CEPA Gallery Biennial Art Auction, Joshua Marks

Digital Color Photograph
15 x 18 inches
Signed Verso
Edition 3/25
Contributed by Fern and Joel Levin

STATEMENT: My work uses many of the media tricks while simultaneously allowing the viewer to step back and see the whole larger and largely false image. Scale simplifies this revelation and satirizes these otherwise banal scenes of daily life. Even when we try to express ourselves individually, media manipulates us. On vacation at the Grand Canyon we take snapshots that fall on a prescribed backdrop used by millions of visitors before. The only variances in all the Grand Canyon photographs are the interchangeable people in the scene.

As American individuals, do we respect the Viking stove because of its superior qualities, or do we desire the Viking stove for the image obtained by owning it? The media provides easy access to almost limitless information, and distorts this line of free choice. We have become slaves to our image, or the images that are repeatedly presented to us as the “American Dream”.

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