LOT 48: Peter Sowiski

RQ-7 Shadow
Handmade paper with colored pulps, relief 11 x 16.25 inches
Edition 8
Signed recto pencil
Courtesy of the artist
Fair Market Value

BIO: Peter Sowiski was born in 1949 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He received a BA in 1971 in Studio Art from Oberlin College, and an MFA in 1974 in Printmaking from Ohio State University. He is primarily known as a pulp painter, with work in numerous collections in America. Over the last 45 years he has shown in over 200 exhibitions, and held over 85 workshop, lecture and visiting artist posts locally to internationally. Peter is an Emeritus Professor of Fine Arts at SUNY Buffalo State, where he taught from 1974- 2007, did stints as Chair of Fine Arts, of Design, and received the President’s Award for Excellence in Service. He investigated papermaking in Korea, China and Vietnam, and is President of The Friends of Dard Hunter, Inc. He has worked at Abaca Press as chief screen printer since its inception in 1994. He continues working for Abaca Press and messing up his studio in Buffalo. www.abaca-press.com.

STATEMENT: I have been investigating the tense times we live in with pulp painted and printed depictions of military hardware, in this case a drone, sometimes accompanied by service gures to visually extend the dialogue between what we do and what our hardware does. Service brings together the human and mechanical, the mundane and horrific in a myriad of ways we are still striving to understand. My reflections in paper seek to capture the space and beauty of the landscape, the delicate physical qualities of the paper and the powerful symbolic qualities of subject in one fell swoop.

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