Lot 49: Kate Stapleton Parzych

Cyanotype on Arches watercolor paper
22 x 30 inches
Signed recto pencil Courtesy of the artist
Fair Market Value

BIO: Kate Stapleton Parzych is a visual artist and arts educator whose work includes Zen-like digital images of water and reflections, darkroom explorations of light drawings and cyanotypes as well as handcrafted artist books. She is an instructor at Daemen College and Niagara County Community College, has taught at University at Buffalo where she received her MFA, and conducts workshops at WNYBAC. She prefers to record the spaces between the moments we recall later as memory.

STATEMENT: My approach to cyanotypes is about conducting experiments with a playful approach to imagery and design. Chance and luck are elements in the process when the light-sensitive chemicals are applied to paper by hand, therefore, each image from the same negative will produce different results. The intense blue that is created with the light-sensitive chemicals adds another element to the works — it is often described as peaceful or calming, even when the imagery chosen does not reflect the spirit of those emotions. Fury is a photograph of the Koi pond at the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens during feeding time. The measured grid of the House reflection is broken into a myriad of designs as the water is agitated.

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