Lot 53: Patrick Nagatani

2016 CEPA Gallery Biennial Art Auction, Patrick Nagatani

Ryoichi / Nagatani Excavations – BMW, Chetro Ketl Kiva, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, U.S.A
Archival Pigment Print
15 x 19 inches
Signed Recto
Edition 36/40
Ryoichi/Nagatani Excavations Series

BIO: Patrick Nagatani is a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Art & Art History at the University of New Mexico. A major survey of his work from 1978-2008 opened at the University Art Museum at UNM in 2010. He received his M.F.A. degree from the University of California, Los Angeles in 1979. He is a past recipient of two major National Endowment for the Arts Visual Artist Fellowships. Additional awards include: the Aaron Siskind Foundation Individual Photographer’s Fellowship, the Kraszna-Krausz Award for his book Nuclear Enchantment, the Leopold Godowsky Jr. Color Photography Award, the Eliot Porter Fellowship in New Mexico, and the California Distinguished Artist Award from the National Art Education Association. He is a recipient of the “Governor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts” from Governor Bill Richardson in New Mexico as well as the Honored Educator Award from the Society of Photographic Education in 2008.

STATEMENT: The Ryoichi/Nagatani Excavations chronicle an unusual expedition undertaken by “Nagatani,” a photo documentarian, and “Ryoichi,” an archeologist in possession of a set of maps given to him by a mysterious shaman. Ryoichi guides an excavation team and Nagatani around the world to 30 sites, many of them associated with ancient cultures and monumental ruins. The excavations, fastidiously executed and documented, unearth artifacts of a perplexing nature; automobiles, items consistent with our own historical moment. The Ryoichi/Nagatani Excavations exist as the only remaining substantiation of the team’s fantastical discoveries.

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