Lot 55: Megan Metté

CEPA Gallery's 2014 Biennial Art Auction artist Megan Metté

Megan Metté
Archival Inkjet Print
26 2/3 x 40 inches
Edition of 5
[ ] Series

BIO: Megan Metté is a nationally exhibiting artist from Louisville, KY. Metté received her BFA from the University of Louisville and her MFA from R.I.T. Her work can be found both in print and online in publications such as Don’t Take Pictures, Afterimage, Of the Afternoon, and Musicworks magazine. Her series [ ] was displayed in a solo show at CEPA Gallery in 2012. More recently, her work was featured in the 2013 Filter Photo Festival in Chicago and the 2014 exhibition A “Womanhouse” or a Roaming House? “A Room of One’s Own” Today at A.I.R Gallery in Brooklyn. www.meganmette.com

STATEMENT: I remember walking on ceilings when I was a kid. I’d lie down on my mother’s cream, tightly-woven twill cushion, stretch my freckled legs in the air, and squint. I’d imagine being teleported into someone else’s household. The space was exciting because it was new. It provided me with an escape from a place that I called home, a structure that housed feelings of isolation, disappointment and anger. In these images of houses, I find myself returning to a child’s world of endless possibilities, but I come with the understanding that even in dreaming, we can’t escape our past. At once beautiful and unsettling, these images lie somewhere between a daydream and a nightmare, between contemplation and melancholy. This body of work attempts to move through the personal to the general, projecting an intimate account of home into the images that I create to question the fantasies in which we all live.

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