Lot 6: Sylvie Bélanger

CEPA Gallery's 2014 Biennial Art Auction artist Sylvie Belangér

Sylvia Bélanger
AK_Mondrian’s Apartment
Stainless Steel, Clear Acrylic, LED White Light
29 x 22 inches
Light Drawings Series

BIO: Sylvie Bélanger was born a few miles from Montréal, Canada in a city that has since disappeared. She has several university degrees and on receipt of her M.F.A. from York University she has embraced a nomadic life, one that is continuously bringing her between countries and cities. She is Associate Professor and Head of Photography in the Department of Visual Studies at the University at Buffalo. Before joining the faculty of UB she taught at the University of Windsor, Concordia, York and at the San Francisco Art Institute. Her media installations have been exhibited in North America, Europe, Asia and soon in Africa. Several catalogues on her art practice have been published and her work has been reviewed in ArtForum, Art in America, ArtPress, Parachute, Canadian Art and others. Bélanger’s work is part of several collections of public arts institutions and foundations. www.sylviebelanger.com

STATEMENT: AK_Mondrian’s Apartment is part of an ongoing series of works, which Sylvie Bélanger refers to as light drawings. The drawing confines the light within a clear plastic relief. This light becomes a dimensional line that swells out of a stainless steel box. This series originated from an empty box filled with white light, an immaterial screen that generates a dimensional relief when light takes shaped. These lines are inspired by artworks produced by influential past artists. The light in these drawings becomes a form of distant memory, an impression, a trace that acknowledged a continuum of Being in History.

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