Lot 67: Stefan Petranak

CEPA Gallery's 2014 Biennial Art Auction artist Stefan Petranak

Stefan Petranek
Irresistible Desire (Human Glucose Transporter 2 gene in honey)
Archival Inkjet Print
22 x 27 ½ inches
Signed Verso
Edition 2/10
Genotyping Series

BIO: Petranek is an emerging visual artist whose photographic and video work have been exhibited in Canada, China, Bulgaria, New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Connecticut, Vermont, Texas, Ohio and Indiana. Recently, he exhibited his Genetic Portrait Project at Rochester Contemporary in Rochester, New York and his video Turbulence was included in Manifest Gallery’s 2012 FotoFocus Exhibition. His Fossils series was included in Beyond / In Western New York 2010, as well as in the book Water (Alphabet City Media/MIT Press, 2009). Petranek is Assistant Professor of photography and intermedia at Herron School of Art and Design at IUPUI. Influenced by his training as a biologist, his projects usually take the form of structured trials, drawing conclusions through experimentation and repetitive observation. He is represented by Circuit Gallery in Toronto. www.stefanpetranek.com

STATEMENT: In Genotyping, I am interested in exploring various ways we come to codify ourselves and our surroundings through scientific means. I use the four letter coding language science uses to describe the chemical coding of heredity (i.e DNA). By overlaying DNA onto the surface of various bodies I invite the viewer to consider how our definition of life is shifting. On the surface the work projects a formalistic fascination in the minuscule yet utterly complex internal systems that genetics seeks to decode, but layered in these works are more daunting questions about how genetics is redefining notions of personal identity, free will, and what constitutes life itself.

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