Lot 7: Michael Beitz

2016 CEPA Gallery Biennial Art Auction, Michael Beitz

Ink on Paper (burned)
8 x 10 inches
Signed Verso
Unique Image

BIO: Michael Beitz received a BFA in sculpture from Alfred University. He then spent several years training alongside the world renowned furniture artist Wendell Castle before completing an MFA at the University at Buffalo. Michael has completed a number of public commissions and continues to exhibit works both nationally and internationally. Most recently, his work has been included in Banksy’s “Dismaland” in the UK. He is currently based in Boulder, Colorado and recently joined the Art and Art History Dept. at CU Boulder.

STATEMENT: I approach my work as a practice in hybridity and the multidisciplinary. Drawing, sculpture, and functional design overlap to create conversations about familiar objects and relationships. I have become particularly interested in exploring modes of communication and social functions as the primary elements within my work. I see and think about how objects and spaces function while exploring connections between art, design, and utilitarian objects. I spend time observing locations and looking at how we interact, not only with our surroundings, but with each other.

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