Lot 7: Michael Bosworth

CEPA Gallery's 2014 Biennial Art Auction artist Michael Bosworth

Michael Bosworth
Ranch #2
Archival Inkjet Print
15 x 23 inches
Signed Verso
Edition 3/20
Empire Series

BIO: Michael Bosworth is an artist and educator based in Buffalo, NY. Currently a professor at Villa Maria College, Bosworth received his MFA in photography from the University of New Mexico, a BFA in Art and a BA in English from the University at Buffalo. He has participated in two recent biennials, The Other New York (Syracuse, NY) and Beyond/In Western New York (Buffalo, NY). He has exhibited work at galleries such as the Charles Bank Gallery, Sean Kelly Gallery (New York, NY), Albright-Knox Art Gallery, CEPA Gallery, Hallwalls, Burchfield-Penney Art Center, Big Orbit Gallery (Buffalo, NY), Visual Studies Workshop (Rochester, NY). www.aesthetocracy.com

STATEMENT: The Imperial Valley in California is a topography of narratives. Actual colonization and empire is supplanted by romanticization of the Middle East and a narrative involving Egyptian themes and British Imperialism through the naming of the towns and landscape. Economies built with enormous military presence are driven by the depictions of enemies. Vast sets are built and story lines played out in staging grounds such as the Impossible City of Fort Ord, but the numerous fortresses were eventually abandoned along with the surrounding towns. Environmental degradation leads to the decay of the resorts built around the Salton Sea and the narrative now is one of drought and the fear of toxic dust clouds. When a photograph is made, there is a confluence of the subject, the place, the event, the photographic device, and the photographer. Lines that intersect at a single point that is the image, then continue, each on their own trajectory.

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