Lot 77: Milton Rogovin

2016 CEPA Gallery Biennial Art Auction, Milton Rogovin

Untitled from Lower West Side – Revisited
Silver Gelatin Print
7 × 6 inches
Signed Verso
Lower West Side – Revisited Series

BIO: Milton Rogovin (1909-2011) photographed in steel mills and mines, in Buffalo’s Lower West Side, in Appalachia, Chile, Cuba, Scotland, Zimbabwe, and more. Major collections of his photography are in the Getty Museum, the Center for Creative Photography, and the Library of Congress. Because two-thirds
of all Rogovin’s images were made of the Buffalo area, his family has placed close to 1,000 of his photographs at the Burchfield Penney Art Center. In 2006, a documentary film debuted, along with an international traveling exhibition. An accompanying catalogue is entitled Milton Rogovin: The Making of a Social Documentary Photographer. In 2009, Milton Rogovin: The Lens and the Pen, Rogovin’s Poetry was shown for the first time alongside his photographs. www.miltonrogovin.com

STATEMENT: “About ten years after I had completed the series on the Lower West Side Anne suggested I go back and see what had happened to the people I had photographed. If you go to the Lower West Side on a cold day the place seems deserted. But if you go there on a nice sunny day, everybody seems to be out on the street. It was just such a day that convinced us to go back and re-photograph the many individuals and families who continued to reside there. After many years of absence it was surprising how many people recognized us and greeted us with hugs and kisses.” –Milton Rogovin

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