Resilience Through The Lens


Exhibit through January 12, 2019

The Resilience Through The Lens exhibit is the result of a collaborative photography workshop program between CEPA Gallery and The Clean Air Coalition. In the workshops, which were held in the fall and co-taught by Clean Air’s Rebecca Newberry and CEPA’s Lauren Tent, participants were taught how to use photography to initiate action on an issue and bring tangible change in local communities. Specifically, workshop covered the technical basics of taking a powerful photograph, the role of photography in the current political climate, and the power of responding to economic inequity and environmental injustice through visual storytelling. The collaboration between the Clean Air Coalition and CEPA was born out of the PhotoVoice model, an internationally recognized model for community engagement, which combines photography with grassroots expertise, and is an artistic expression project used for community-building as well as neighborhood-based participatory exploration of everyday reality. Photography has been used as a tool for communities all over the world for social justice. The visual image is a powerful tool to enable people to think critically about their community.
Photo credits: Don Haas (above); Clarke Gocker (below)


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