Talk with Roberto Muffoletto

Roberto Muffoletto, co-curator of the traveling exhibition, will present a special talk on Eyes on Ukraine: Five Contemporary Ukrainian Photographers.

Wednesday, May 8, 5:30-7:30 in the Flux Gallery at CEPA

Roberto will present a special talk on the exhibit and will be joined by Igor Manko, the main curator of the exhibit, via video, who will provide a context for the five photographers’ work.

Roberto “Bob” Muffoletto is founder and past director for CEPA. He will discuss his experiences and insights of photography in eastern Ukraine and the VASA initative in this area. VASA, founded and directed by Roberto, is an online center for media studies. According to the VASA website, its mission is to “provide an internet platform for disseminating the work of theorist and image makers on a global scale. The VASA community shares an interest in media studies, photography, film/video and sound. To meet its mission, VASA supports online curated exhibitions; film/video screenings; the Journal on Images and Culture; The VASA Front Page and other projects.” The VASA website can be experienced at:

Before founding the VASA website, Roberto was past editor of Camera Lucida, a journal on the criticism of photography and of Frame|Work, published by the Los Angeles Center for Photographic Studies. He earned a MFA in Photographic Studies from the State University of New York – Buffalo and a PhD from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Roberto’s photographs are in the collection of the Burchfield Penney Art Center (Buffalo) and the Visual Studies workshop, Rochester, New York.  He has published three books on his photographic work and has exhibited in Europe and North America.

For more information on the exhibit and the Ukrainian photographers, visit the exhibit page here on the CEPA website:  EYES ON UKRAINE


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